Nationwide Energy operates independently allowing us to offer impartial advice on cost effective solutions for corporate clients. By monitoring and analysing ever changing dynamic markets, we assist our clients in making informed decisions on saving them money on electricity and gas and make their business more cost efficient. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Nationwide Energy operates independently with an open-book philosophy so we can offer free, impartial advice on cost effective solutions to business clients looking to make a saving on energy costs. By monitoring and analysing ever dynamic markets, Nationwide assist their clients in making informed decisions which save them money and make their businesses more efficient.

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Trusted by over 150 Sub-Brokers, Nationwide Energy understands the importance of partnering with other professional organisations looking to enhance and grow their business. Our dedicated broker support team will ensure the smooth and seamless processing of contracts with up to date reporting whilst enjoying the benefits of competitive pricing & commissions from UK suppliers. Join us today and discover the wide range of benefits on offer.

WELCOME TO Nationwide Energy Ltd

With UK based call centres and a dedicated nationwide sales force, Nationwide Energy provides an effective, direct selling / marketing operation followed through by a team of experienced professionals ensuring customers receive a complete, comprehensive and professional service.

Why not start saving today by calling us for an unbiased completive quotation. Our quotation service is free with no obligation. We will take care of all necessary requirements for transferring your supply. We may receive a commission from the supplier once the sale is completed

We are committed to quality customer service with an aim to build lasting partnerships by delivering the best solutions to meet our customers’ business needs.



Who is my supplier?

Since the market was deregulated in the 1990’s every commercial and domestic supply has been free from market monopoly, this means that your supplier could be any energy providers. If your site has never entered into an agreement with a supplier then your site would be on deemed rates with the supplier allocated to govern your area.

Am I in contract?

This information can be obtained from your supplier. If you are a new business owner and have not signed a contract with any supplier then you are not in contract. However your premise be subject to contract through the previous tenant.

When does my contract finish?

The time remaining on your contract can be obtained from your supplier.

How much notice do I have to give my current supplier?

As per legislation suppliers can nominate the cancellation period of their choosing however most companies work within a 90 – 120 day window at the end of your contractual term.

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