Who is my supplier?

Since the market was deregulated in the 1990’s every commercial and domestic supply has been free from market monopoly, this means that your supplier could be any energy provider. If your site has never entered into an agreement with a supplier then your site would be on deemed rates with the supplier allocated to govern your area.

Am I in contract?

This information can be obtained from your supplier. If you are a new business owner and have not signed a contract with any supplier then you are not in contract. However your premise may be subject to contract through the previous tenant.

When does my contract finish?

The time remaining on your contract can be obtained from your supplier.

How much notice do I have to give my current supplier?

As per current legislation suppliers can nominate the cancellation period of their choosing however most companies work within a 90 – 120 day window at the end of your contractual term.

Will I incur a penalty charge?

Companies are within their rights to uphold any early termination fee that may be stated in the terms and conditions of your contract, if you are not tied in to a contract with a supplier then no penalty charge will apply.

What is a supply number?

A supply number is a specific piece of information that relates to your site and can be found on your bill. It identifies your address and meter type and is an essential piece of information that enables us to get an accurate quotation.

How much am I paying?

Prices are based on meter type, supplier and geographical location.

Can I get cheaper prices?

Out of contract prices and deemed rates are notoriously high and large savings are easily made. Should you be coming to the end of your contract the constantly changing market can benefit you when looking for a cheaper supplier.

Am I getting the best prices?

Depending on your contractual status you may not be getting the best rates that could be available to your business, for this knowledge is key. Nationwide Energy believe our market awareness and industry knowledge gives us the perfect platform to give you an accurate and unbiased answer.